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My cousin was getting married in UK and she was one of my best friend who used to be there for me when I was in need. So I wanted to be part of her big day. My parents didn’t object to it as this would be my first time traveling alone and to far off.  But I got their consent. I was so excited to be part of her wedding and for that I started my preps. With the help of Zalora coupon codes at supersavermama.sg/zalora-promo-code-singapore I got the perfect wardrobe all designed for the whole 20 days I was about to spend at my aunt’s place.


I was so worried when I got the news that I have to leave soon. The idea of preparing everything soon was not an easy task. This somehow bothered me and I shared this difficulty of mine with my friend as my budget was very limited one as well. Dad financed the whole trip for me as my new job was still not paying me off too well.

My friend Tina gave me an idea to surf through the site which she more often visit for her shopping spree. I was so amazed to hear that she shopped online for all those lovely dresses and accessories she wore. I at once started my search for the right items and articles which were almost everywhere on the online store. The new variety was so beautiful and unique one that It attracted my attention at once.

The modern outfits were exactly what I was looking for and the dress which I got to wear on the wedding was the picture of exclusivity. The all-white dress was what my cousin’s brides’ maid were to wear and definitely I was one of them. And I got the wonderful outfit to wear on her wedding day all in white. By looking at the store I realized that why I wasted so many years spending on clothes and accessories which didn’t define fashion this accurately.

Zalora discount made me think again that I might have wasted my money since for so long. The discount I got on my purchase made me feel proud of calling myself savvy customer. The accessories with the clothes were also what I got on quite good discounted price making me feel good and making e save a lot on buying a good gift for my cousin.

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